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Why you need to be Self-Empowered

Being self-empowered means that you’re intentionally in control of your own life and your destiny. You set goals and make positive decisions that lead you towards where you want to be, and you have the confidence in yourself to assertively make the decisions that lead you towards the achievement of those goals.

It means you have the financial ability to keep working towards what you want, and it means that you consistently work on your own personal development to enable you to reach the goals you’re setting for yourself.

When you’re self-empowered, you feel more confident and focussed on what you want to achieve in your life and you have a clear idea of what your goals are, and how to actively work towards them. You better understand where your strengths lie and how to use them to your advantage, and you also understand your weaknesses without feeling inadequate or comparing yourself to others.

Self-empowered people know they are in charge of their own destiny, and don’t sit back and wait for life to happen to them.

Let’s look at an example. Think of a situation where something could (or has) happened to you outside of your control. It could be an accident, losing your job, a relationship breakdown or anything else that has had a big impact on you.

Now the actual event is outside of your control, but how you react and what you choose to next is within your control. You could choose to dwell on what’s happened, be upset and angry about it, you could ask why me over and over and relive all the details again and again in your mind. Initially, all those thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal and in fact it’s actually really helpful to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings and emotions and let yourself have some time to process what’s happened to you. But what you do next will depend on your level of self-empowerment. Do you choose to continue with these thoughts and feelings, or do you choose to look forward, decide on where you want to go from here, and start making plans and taking that next step? One path comes from disempowerment, the other from self-empowerment. Which would you rather choose?

Being self-empowered seems pretty cool right? And it is! Being fully self-empowered fits under 3 main pillars which all combine create a strong foundation of personal success:

· Personal Empowerment

· Financial Empowerment

· Future Focussed Empowerment

Personal Empowerment

Encompasses how well you take care of and honour yourself. It includes things like your self-care and the relationship you have with yourself, whether you treat yourself with respect and kindness, and how you nurture your mental atmosphere. Your mental atmosphere includes your current beliefs and values, how you choose to examine what you believe, and whether you challenge those thoughts when they no longer serve you.

Financial Empowerment

Covers your money mindset. It’s not about how much money you have in the bank right now, but more about how you think of money, how you treat it, and how you plan for your financial future.

For example, close your eyes and think about money for a couple of minutes. What are some of the first thoughts that come to your mind? Are they good feeling thoughts like ‘money is great’, ‘I have plenty of money’, ‘money helps me to achieve my goals’, or were they thoughts of struggle and lack like ‘I’ve never got enough money’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘money always goes out faster than it comes in’? These thoughts and mindset behaviours will do more for your ability to create either wealth or lack in your life than any other aspect, since your mindset always affects your actions and behaviours.

Future Focussed Empowerment

Is about how you see yourself in the future, the goals you set for yourself, your belief on whether you think you can even achieve those goals, and the actions you take towards them.

Think about how often you take time to plan your future, whether you have some short- and long-term goals you’d like to achieve, and what actions you’re already taking towards achieving those goals. Does it feel like you’re on a path towards achieving all you want out of life?

Now think about a time when you had a holiday coming up. How much time and effort did you invest in researching where you were going to go, what sort of accommodation was available, what activities and sight-seeing you would do, and how much it was all going to cost you? It was probably a considerable amount of time depending on where you were going and how long for. If you’re like most people though, the amount of time you invest in planning the next 5 years of your life, doesn’t even come close to the amount of time you spent planning that 2-week holiday. #amIright? But imagine if you did invest that time and energy into your future! Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

So, the 3 pillars of self-empowerment all link together, and to be fully self-empowered you need to work on and develop all 3 areas. Personal empowerment however is your foundational pillar, and you need this to be strong to support the other 2, so it’s the one you’ll want to start work on first. If this is weak and you start working on the other 2 areas, you’ll find that you’ll be self-sabotaging or not taking actions without knowing or understanding why you’re doing it.

As a women’s transformational coach, I can help you look at which areas you need help in. We can then work together to develop each area, set goals that resonate with what you want, and create action plans to get you moving towards achieving those goals. Imagine how great life could really be!

If you’re interested to know more about working with me, send me an email to or a DM on Facebook or Instagram



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