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About Donna

Hi, I'm Donna Boylen and I'm a business coach helping women transition from being an employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  By working together on business and employment exit strategies, I help women to establish great business foundations which allows them to become profitable entrepreneurs and enjoy long term business success.

I'm a qualified Coach and have worked in small, medium, and large corporations, along with having owned businesses for over 15 years, so I have fully experienced and understand the challenges of leaving the workforce and creating a successful business.


My superpowers lie in mixing my intuitive side with my logical and practical side to create actionable plans and steps that are designed just to suit you, to get you transitioning from employee to entrepreneur as quickly as possible but also in a long term and sustainable way.


Here are a few fun facts about me!

  • I am a wife and a mother to two gorgeous teenage boys

  • I have a lovable golden retriever named Bailey and 3 chickens named Poppy, Georgie, and Lucy; although Lucy is sometimes called Killer as she does love to give us a good peck every now and then!

  • I love to learn about business, success principles, simplicity, self-care and development, and how people can use these principles to build a life to live on their own terms

  • I enjoy a nice glass of red wine and some good dark chocolate

  • I love to share what I know and learn with my hub of women on my Facebook Page


If you're a woman who has left or is looking to leave the workforce to create your own service based business, then it’s time to invest in yourself and your business and start working with me to create your business in a strategic, sustainable, and profitable way.

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