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What my Clients Say

Suzanna H - Canberra

I had a session with Donna and she brought things to my awareness that I hadn't thought of. She helped me to find some answers to a long standing question.
I really appreciated her conversational style while still getting to the heart of real issues so that they can be addressed. As a result I've made some concrete decisions to do some things differently and it's been quite easy to make the change because now I understand what's happening. 
Thanks Donna for making a difference. I've got new boundaries and more fun in my life.

Catherine B - Western Australia

Working with Donna made me realise how important mindset is when it comes to money. I had never really questioned my views and beliefs around money. I dreaded pay day because of not having enough money to cover my bills and was constantly living in survival mode. If I had saved money, somehow I would end up spending it or using it on bills because I believed that I didn’t deserve to have nice things or have fun.
Donna was able to help me identify some beliefs that were holding me back and helped me formulate clear goals on what my future will look like including my ideal day.
Now I have savings in the bank, am planning a weekend away down south and an even bigger goal of travel to Africa and Japan. I have clear targets on how much I need to earn to enjoy my money and still have money left over to create a safe and comfortable future.
Thank you Donna for helping me improve my relationship with money, I now look forward to pay day and watching my money grow.

Kirstine B - London

I had a session with Donna and she helped me to take a longer term view of my business, uncover some areas where I am holding myself back and gave me tools to address these.


After our session I felt I had more clarity on how I need to move forward and a plan for doing so.


Donna immediately puts you at ease and really helps to uncover and address areas of vulnerability in a sensitive way.

Sally K -Western Australia

I met Donna at a time in my life where there was a lot of change and for me, that meant uncertainty, anxiety and stress.  Donna's ability to assist me in clearing my mind to see my life the way it is, and the way I want it to be, gave me the strength and energy to focus on the things that are important, remain calm and positive and begin to make my life the life I wanted.   She has an incredibly compassionate and calming nature that supports everyone of her sessions. I do still believe, although Donna does realise she helped me, the extent of what she did and what she allowed me to do, she might never understand!

Natasa M - Ireland

I recently had a session with Donna Boylen and I find her way of coaching really gentle and she is thorough in her approach.


She let me towards some of my hidden limiting beliefs and helped me to realize what is in the background and how to resolve that.
Thanks Donna, I really appreciate that!

Tara C - Queensland

I recently had a session with Donna via Zoom.

Her natural caring way and expertise made our hour together impactful, fun and full of insights.


She was very empathetic and understanding, and created the right space for us to discuss some key points I wanted to work through.


I really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it.

Thanks Donna! 

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