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Setting Life Goals for Your Best Future

Setting goals for yourself can actually change your life dramatically!

Sounds incredible I know, but think back to the last 5 years of your life. Do you feel that they’ve simply flown by and you’re in a similar place now to where you were 5 years ago? What are the things that have changed significantly? Did these changes happen by chance or were they things you consciously planned and worked towards? Those things were your goals whether you realised it or not, so if you want to live your next 5 years on your terms, then it’s time to set some goals.

So, what goals do you choose to make? Well, it’s different for everyone. You may know straight away what you want or you may like to spend some time thinking about things that are important or mean a lot to you. You could try fast forwarding your imagination to when your 95. What are you proud of having achieved in your 95 years and what do you wish you had done but never seemed to find the time for? These will give you some good insights into what sort of goals you could set for yourself.

It’s a good idea to think about all your life areas when you’re setting your goals so you get a balanced perspective. This includes:

  • Financial