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Top Tips to Improve your Self Esteem

Self esteem is a topic that is constantly debated and the general consensus is that most people could use a boost to theirs. The amount of self esteem you have can greatly affect every aspect of your life. People with a higher self esteem will usually enjoy more social outings and gatherings, will have better relationships, take better care of themselves physically and have greater career success.

Basically within life we achieve what we believe we are worth, so when your self esteem is lacking you are highly likely to believe that you don’t deserve the same degree of happiness and success that appears to come so easily to others. When success does begin to surface in your life you unconsciously begin to self-sabotage to bring your life back in line to where you believe it should be – even though you may really want to make some positive changes.

The good news is though, that your level of self esteem can be changed. Yes, it does require you to do a little work and put in a bit of effort, but the rewards that a healthy self esteem brings you are priceless.

I've listed here the top 5 tips that I believe can help to increase your self esteem and ultimately help to increase the amount of general happiness and satisfaction you have in your everyday life.

TIP # 1 ~ DRESS FOR SUCCESS How you look has a great impact on your self esteem. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of rushing into a shopping centre to get one urgently needed item and your hair is greasy and your shirt is dirty. You’ve just wanted to quickly slink in and out with your item without being seen by anyone you know. Yet, sure enough, you see a friend and wonder if it’s too late to hide behind the stock display next to you. And yet in contrast, the days when you’ve taken pride in your dress, your hair is neatly styled, you’ve put on some make-up and added a few accessories, you walk taller, hold your head higher and are happy to talk to anyone you meet. There are always going to be days when you just want to hang out at home in your track suit, but make those days a small minority. Each day when you wake, tell yourself that today is a great day, and dress in a way that shows the world you’re ready for success.

TIP #2 ~ WALK TALL The way you hold yourself tells the world a lot about what you believe about yourself. If you walk into a room with your shoulders back, head held high and with a confident stride, people will automatically show you more respect and attention. However if you shuffle your feet along the floor, slump your shoulders and look towards the ground, you’ll find that people just glanceover you and won’t have the general inclination to talk to you or be interested in what you have to offer or say.

Your posture can also affect your mood. Having a good posture allows you to feel good about yourself and therefore puts you in a better mood. It also allows the oxygen to move more freely around your body which also helps you to feel more energised.

Show people that you believe you are important and deserving of their time and attention. Walk tall and proud and similarly sit with a straight back instead of slouching back in your chair and announce to the world that you’re worthy to receive all the good it has to offer you.