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This beautiful spray has a powerful blend of essential oils and crystal infused distilled water supercharged with the full moon energy to help you cleanse your space and your aura of any congested or negative energy.


If you’ve been feeling stuck, downhearted, consistently tired, or even frustrated, this Clearing Spray Mist can help to clear the energy around you and allow you to be free of negative vibes.


This spray is perfect to use before meditation, when you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or lacking motivation, during and after work, after shopping or being in other crowded spaces, or after any tense situation, and will help to clear any lingering negative energy.

Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz have all been infused into the water under a full moon, amplifying their energy. 


Black Tourmaline is known as nature’s energy shield and has an amazing ability to soak up and distil negative energy.  It aligns with the root chakra and provides balance, protection, and grounding in your life. 


Clear Quartz assists in clearing physical and energetic bodies and clearing and activating the chakras. It aligns to the crown chakra and is known as the master healing stone. 


Smoky Quartz is a very grounding stone also aligning to the root chakra, and helps us to release old emotions and thought patterns and to dispel negative energy. It’s known as one of the best crystals for protection and shielding negative energy.


Cypress is a warm, comforting and very grounding oil that assists in eliminating stagnant energies.  It helps to get things moving along and assists in opening up energies of stabilisation and harmony.


Lemongrass is said to be the oil of cleansing as it helps cleanse physically, emotionally and spiritually, and works to banish negativity and repel it from entering your home or aura. It’s useful for helping to clear your mind and space and promoting mental clarity.


Rosemary assists to clear your atmosphere of low energies and wards off bad influences. It helps in purifying our surroundings and cleanses mental negativity.


SUGGESTED USE:  Shake the bottle gently before use.  Hold the intention to clear any congested or negative energy from you and your space and spray the mist over yourself from head to feet to cleanse your aura and chakras. Take 3 deep breaths hold your intention of clearing energy.  Spray throughout your home or space to clear room energy.  Use regularly to assist in keeping your energy clear.



  • Crystal infused distilled water
  • Black Tourmaline crystals
  • Cypress essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Natural based solubiliser to allow the essential oils to be dispersed into the water base
  • Ethanol for a longer shelf life


This product is hand made in Western Australia from natural products and should be used within 3 months of purchase.


Caution:  If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under a physician’s care, please consult your doctor before using any essential oils.  This product is not intended to replace any medical treatment or advice. The essential oils have been diluted in the spray, however in rare cases irritation can occur; if this occurs please discontinue use.  Keep out of reach of children.

Crystal Infused Clearing Mist Spray

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  • 100ml contained within a dark blue glass spray bottle to protect the quality of the crystal infused water and essential oils.

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