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3 Top Reasons Self-Confidence is Important and How you can Build Yours

We all know a confident person when we see one. It’s just something about the way they carry themselves that stands out. They’re not necessarily the smartest person in the room, or the most attractive or even the one with the best body, but there is something about confident people that makes us turn to look.

So what is confidence and why is it so important to our success and well-being?

Put simply, confidence is having a trust in your own qualities, your abilities in certain areas, the judgements you make and the power you have. A healthy confidence allows you to portray this inner trust to others where as being egotistical will have you trying to prove to others that you’re superior to them in some way. So why is having a healthy self-confidence important?

First and foremost, a healthy self-confidence has a profound effect on your thinking, your happiness, your motivation, your values and your goals. So basically, every aspect of your life! You’ll be more included to set goals and actually work towards achieving them. You’ll have an innate feeling of worthiness meaning you won’t let people treat you with disrespect and although some negative thoughts may still creep in from time to time, mostly you’ll be happy and look at things as the glass half full instead of being half empty.

Secondly, you will approach any problems and difficulties in a completely different manner to someone who is egotistical or conversely someone who has a low self-esteem. You’ll feel much more capable of being able to find a possible solution, you’ll be calmer and less likely to panic and even if things don’t go your way in the end, you’ll cope much better with the disappointment knowing that you’d done all that was possible to attain a good outcome.

And lastly, you’ll take better care of yourself. An egotistical person may be included to push boundaries to prove they are bigger and better than anyone else. This may mean drinking the most amount of alcohol at a party to prove they can handle it; they may eat the biggest burger to prove they can or they may over-exercise to show they’re the strongest. A person with low self-confidence may not exercise at