Most of our thoughts are habitual - we think the same thoughts over and over again - and it is these habitual thoughts that create our reality.  To change your reality, you need to change the thoughts that go through your mind.  One way you can do this is through the use of affirmations. 

An affirmation is anything that you choose to say to yourself.  You can begin to change your life by changing the things you say to yourself.  If you are unhappy in your career or relationship for example, it's likely you keep going over the downsides of these in your mind on a continual basis.  An affirmation helps you to focus on what you want to draw into your life, instead of focusing on the negative aspects you're currently experiencing.

To be truly effective, Affirmations need to be repeated as often as possible and with great emotion attached to them.  Its great if you can write them down before you go to bed so they sink into your subconscious mind as you sleep and then again when you wake in the morning to help you set the tone for your day ahead.  This process gives your affirmations power and you will see the benefits more quickly.  

Have a look at our list below for some samples of affirmations you might want to use.

My career rewards me with flexibility, financial abundance and great satisfaction
I am greatly rewarded in my career for my effort and dedication
I now work in a wonderful career that I love and that allows me to express my creativity
The perfect job is being drawn to me right now

I can do whatever I set my mind to
I am a fast learner
I make great friends easily
I am loved by my family, friends and even my teachers

I choose to be happy
I allow happiness, joy and peace to fill my heart
Happiness loves me
I release negativity and allow myself to feel happy

By body is constantly healing itself
I am happy, healthy & strong
My body always heals quickly, easily and effortlessly
I choose the food and thoughts that are best for my body and mind

I radiate love wherever I go
I allow love to live in my heart
I am surrounded by love
I love myself, my family and all that surround me.  I receive love in return.

My relationships are loving, respectful, nurturing and fulfilling
I attract only healthy relationships
My perfect partner is being drawn to me now
I make friends easily wherever I go

I can do anything I set my mind to
Any challenges only strengthen me
I am learning to love myself
Today I am willing to try

I can handle whatever comes my way
Today brings me balance and peace
I stay calm under pressure
I feel relaxed, calm and peaceful

I am a natural leader
I easily achieve my goals
Every step I take leads me closer to success
I am successful in all that I do

I am a magnet for money
Money is drawn to me easily
I am prosperous in any situation

I love money and money loves me​

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