21 Ways To Balance Your Life Right Now

Are you overwhelmed? Stressed out?

Worried that you'll never complete your seemingly endless To Do list?

That's okay - I'm here to help!

Donna has a fantastic gift to motivate people past their current sticking points.  Her unique and innovative process is something that no business professional should miss out on.  I highly recommend Donna!
Donna, I attended your workshop and wanted to say you were really great.  I felt so comfortable especially with your knowledge and your positive intention.  Thank you.
Kind regards

Do you find you're busy, stressed and constantly playing catch-up?  If you're like many working mothers your day runs something like this:

  • You wake feeling like you haven't slept  

  • You get the kids fed, dressed and off to school

  • Arrive at work already slightly frazzled and wondering whether you ate breakfast

  • You multi-task through your day before rushing out the door to tackle the demands of the home-front again

  • You get the family fed, kids bathed, their homework done and ready for bed before you finally crash on the couch for five minutes to unwind

  • You drag yourself to bed feeling exhausted

  • And then you wake & repeat

Well the good news is that you're not alone!  This is a constant difficulty faced by working mothers around the world.  Research from UNSW suggests that working mothers still perform most of the household chores, prepare dinner and care for sick children.  

So, as much as you love being a mother and also love the freedom to have a career; it's little wonder that you constantly feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired. On top of all that you feel that there's still something missing from your life.

And you're right.  

What's missing from your life is Balance.

21 Ways to Balance Your Life Right Now gives you just that - 21 ways to help you to feel more organised, more in control and much less stressed.

  • Self-care is greatly undervalued by working mothers and yet if you become rundown, sick or stressed, you can't take care of everyone else.  21 Ways to Balance Your Life will show you some ways to implement self care in your life.

  • Meal time.  When you rush in from work, dinner is probably the last thing you're prepared for. Initiate some meal preparation strategies and you won't be overwhelmed at the question 'What's for dinner?' any more.

  • Having clutter in your home or work space makes you feel more stressed and causes you to lose time.  Use the tips included in 21 Ways to Balance Your Life Right Now to get on top of your clutter.

Donna's work on motivation has brought me in a new direction.  Her expertise and knowledge guides an individual through the process of growing.

Filled with tips, printables and suggestions to help you feel more in control of your life, this Free e-Book is a must have guide for every busy working mother searching for a bit more balance.  

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